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I came to Egoscue therapy and Susy after  trying just about every other kind of pain therapy there was to try.  I  started with the pain management doctors, then moved on to more alternative  therapies, including prolotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture (with  and without electricity), various energy and bodywork therapies, massage  therapy, physical therapy, sonic therapy, you name it.  Some of them  offered me some relief from my chroinc and very debilitating back pain.   The others didn’t really seem to make any difference at all, except to our check  book.  One of the worst days was when a neurosurgeon told me, “Well,  you’re getting older, your spine is compressing, you’re going to feel some pain.  Suck it up.”

Fortunately, I don’t have to “suck it up.”  I  was referred to Susy and Egoscue therapy. 
When I was first referred to her, I did some  internet research, and found some very mixed reviews of this therapy, in terms  of how effective it is for people.  I came away from that determined to  give it a try, and with the conviction that it was important to go to an Egoscue  therapist who already had physical therapy experience with the spine.  That  just happens to be Susy’s experience.

I’ve fractured my spine in the same spot twice, and  had a great deal of constant pain from these injuries.  After our first  session, I started to feel a bit better, and after several days of working my  first program, I was amazed at the improvement.  Over the next several  months, I’d see Susy occasionally, and she’d tweak my program depending on what  my body told her it needed next.  Eventually, I reached a point were the  pain was minimal and not really bothering me at all, unless I did something  stupid.  As long as I worked my program, I was as close to pain free in my  back as I’ll ever be.  This probably sounds over the top, but for someone  who has endured serious back pain for years without relief, this feels  a lot like a miracle.

In addition to being an effective and  experienced Egoscue therapist, Susy is an incredibly kind, compassionate,  empathetic person.  Her calm strength and conviction do wonders to someone  who has searched in vain for help elsewhere. 

If you are considering trying Egoscue therapy for  relief from pain, do it!  If you are going to do it, go to Susy.  The  only way I’d go to anyone else is if we ended up in different cities, and even  then, I’d probably try Skype first.

- Leih M.
Sept. 2013

Hi Susy, I am celebrating that I was able to go on a steep, stony, 3-4 hour hike Saturday on the North Mountain Trail near Orkney Springs,  Virginia.  It was about 1 hour, 45 minutes uphill, & 1 hour 15 minutes down hill.  It was strenuous for me, because I have not been on such a hike for over 5 years. But I did it!  And I had no joint pain the next day.  Woohoo!
Thanks to you and Peter Egoscue!  
– Ruth
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