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What is my relationship with insurance?

I am currently functioning with a  Physical Therapy licensure along with the Egoscue Postural Alignment Certificate.  The treatment can be reimbursed by insurance because of my  current physical therapy license.


The greatest challenge with regards to insurance  is as follows:

How do I provide the quality of care and extended time with clients while working under the contraints of insurance companies?


What I discovered  is that most insurances pay a flat fee for physical therapy regardless of the amount of time spent.   These fees have continued to decline over the years and as they decrease, they place significant limitations on how much time a physical therapist can spend with a client. In many current insurance based practices,  one on one care with a therapist will be 20-30 min. followed by   an “extender” who  will take over the care.  Often treatment will be  2-3X/week which requires a co-pay for each session or a charge that will be applied  toward your deductible.


In my practice, the  first visit is 90 min. and the follow ups sessions are generally an hour. You will receive  one on one focused time with a licensed physical therapist providing the care from start to finish. This means that you only have to leave work or rearrange your schedule 1X/week and will not pay 2-3 copays/week. It will also provide more time for you to learn tools for self management. You will be less dependent on me, will require fewer visits and will learn how to guide your own body to achieve full healing.


Currently, I am able to accept Medicare, workers compensation and I am “in network” with  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.   My billing service can verify your benefits and give you information regarding your copay and where you stand with regards to your deductible.


I am “out of network” with all other insurance companies.  If it is determined that you have “out of network” benefits, the charges will be submitted through my billing service.  If there is no “out of network” coverage available,  I offer  a  self pay option with a payment plan  if needed.

Feel free to contact me with any questions specific to your insurance and I will help you in any way that I can.

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